How Low Force Chiropractic Works

Initial Low Force Analysis

On your first visit, prior to treatment with low force chiropractic, the usual parameters (used by orthopedists, medical doctors and physical therapists) are tested, such as posture, range of motion, and orthopedic tests. You will also note that you are examined in many new ways, such as very specific muscle testing, foot reflex analysis, and other challenges to the body to determine the source and reason for your pain.

Reflex Points

Points all over the body have been Identified by acupuncturists, chiropractors and osteopaths that relate to energy flow and muscular control of blood and lymphatic distribution drainage. These points are tested and treated to return normal function and strength, thus relieving your pain.

Van Rumpt Leg Reflex

Low force chiropractic makes use of a special reflex (similar to the familiar knee reflex) to measure whether or not proprioceptors (sensors in the body) are functioning. If they are responding appropriately to the doctor’s challenge, the foot reflex will be inhibited. Using this reflex, proprioceptors throughout the body can be tested.

If they are not responding, the doctor sees the automatic shortening of the leg, as demonstrated in the picture on the right. A gentle adjustment, provided by exact placement and direction of the doctor’s thumbs can reset these faulty sensors. By resetting the proprioceptors, the information being received by the brain about the location and function of the muscles, tendons, organs, blood vessels, and nerves is improved. New data to the brain means new output to the body.

Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is used in several different ways. Specific muscles can be tested to find out if they are functioning optimally, and have proper communication with the brain (proprioception). If they do not, this will affect the functioning of that body part, plus the support of other body regions. Certain muscles can also relate to the functioning of certain organs.

Another way in which muscle testing can be used is to determine weaknesses in the body. When a challenge is introduced to the body, the brain temporarily tries to deal with the challenge, and the rest of the body goes slightly weak. We can use this to our advantage by testing a normally strong muscle, creating a challenge for the body. If it does not weaken, the body is not having a problem with that challenge. If it does, we know we have found a weakness that needs to be addressed.

Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan is based on your body’s specific responses, not on a generic plan based on whatever diagnosis “box” you happen to fit into. The treatment plan is modified each visit based on the feedback from your body.

Your body is tested for its response before each adjustment. In this way, treatment during each visit unfolds and builds based on this feedback.


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