What is Low Force Chiropractic?

A Different Kind of Chiropractic

  • Get individualized treatment tailored to your unique body
  • Eliminate your pain without medication, surgery, and side-effects
  • Prevent future flare-ups by getting to the source of your pain

Why am I in PAIN?

Because your brain is getting faulty information. You have a special ability to know where your body is positioned called proprioception. Close your eyes, have a friend move your finger. Which direction was it moved and about how far? If you can’t tell, you really need to come see us! A variety of receptors in your muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments give you this feedback. Unfortunately, these receptors can lose their setting, sending faulty information to the brain. The result is weakness or knots and tension in the muscles.

Faulty Information Causes Pain

Since your body has thousands of these receptors, and an amazing brain that can sort through the accurate and faulty information, your body can continue to function, even with many of the receptors set wrong. But there is a price...The price is PAIN.

Better Communication = Better Function

Low force chiropractic care provides a way to reset the receptors. Chiropractors are doctors of the nervous system, which is the communication network of the body. If you can improve the communication throughout the body, the brain recognizes and directs repair of the problems. It just has to be clear on what the problems are, and have the building blocks to repair them.

Better Function = Pain Elimination

When your muscles contract the way they are supposed to, and your bones are in alignment, you move better, and you eliminate the reasons for your pain.


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